In Their Own Words: Outside Hitter Liz Maloney's 2005 Journal

In Their Own Words: Outside Hitter Liz Maloney's 2005 Journal

Oct. 31, 2005

WASHINGTON - Thursday - Oct. 20

Another 2:00 p.m. start to our weekend, this time we're playing Colgate and Bucknell. First however, we get to watch Disney movies on the bus! We all sat in the back and sang along with "Beauty and the Beast"! I know our coaches were really excited about that! We stopped at the Cracker Barrel for our meal and the whole team was entertained by Liz Maloney talks about getting back on track in wins over Navy and UMBCTara beating Coach really badly in a game of checkers! Coach wanted a rematch but it was too late. We were back on the bus and on our way to Colgate.

Friday - Oct. 21

This morning we woke up and had more driving to do to get to Colgate. The day went by pretty slow and we did the usual pre-game things. We went to a shopping mall and we did some homework and we ate our pre-game meal. This time it was a local Italian restaurant that can barely fit all of us. We go there every year. When we got to Colgate we found out that we didn't get to serve and pass until 5:30 so we needed to keep ourselves occupied for some time and conveniently there was a bowling alley right beside Colgate's gym! All right, it was the Tara and Coach rematch. Who knew that Coach was a closet bowler! It didn't look good for Tara to start, even thought everyone was rooting for her it looked like Coach had it in the bag... until, Tara got two strikes in a row! Tara impressed everyone and pulled out a win! Sorry Coach, you're down 0-2! On to game time now, no more bowling, it's time for volleyball. We didn't play great but we won. I think that we gave them most of their points by missing about half of our serves. Again, our first two games were slow and stunk and we won 30-22 and 30-24. The third game however, we got sick of letting them get points and shut them out 30-16. Finally! I felt good hitting and we didn't make too many hitting errors. Jen had a match-high of 16 digs and helped by controlling the ball well. After the game it was time to get back on the bus and head towards Bucknell.

Saturday - Oct. 22

Today it was raining again! It seems to rain a lot on our away trips. We woke up and drove to a mall and then to an Amish restaurant with lots of food and a huge store with tons of interesting things to look at and walk around in. My parents were there so I got to spend some time with them after they drove down from Toronto to see the games but we had to leave to get ready for our match against Bucknell and we know that they would do anything to try and put us off of our game. Of course it was seniors night when we got to Bucknell so their seniors were there and there were a lot of fans at the game screaming and shouting. We started off the first point by getting aced but after that nothing could stop us--no matter how loud their fans were screaming we were still going to win. They only scored 17 points in the first game and in the second game we kept our momentum going. (Even though I did jump and completely miss a ball... that was embarrassing!) I still ended up playing well along with the rest of my team. Christina Nash was unstoppable and dominated the net! The third game started after a long game delay and we kept our momentum until we got to about 20 points and we let them back into the game. We couldn't side out in a couple of rotations and they kept pressing and wouldn't go away. Eventually we came through in the end with their fans screaming ever louder and beat them 30-25. It was a very satisfying win and let the Patriot League know that we're back. We got back on the bus in the rain and drove home.

Tuesday - Oct. 25

For our last Tuesday night game we played Howard, another DC team today and put everything together smoothly. I know that I didn't start off very good because I missed my first two serves but made up for it later with quite a few aces. We had 19 aces in the three games which was close to beating our school record. The first game was not nearly good enough for us because we were slow and didn't attack as well as we could. We came back in the second and third game and beat Howard 30-10 and 30-13. We played well together and finished fast and this time didn't let the team come back into the game. We kept pressing and it paid off because we were out of the gym faster. Now it's time to get ready for another road trip with Lafayette and Lehigh.