In Their Own Words: Outside Hitter Liz Maloney's 2005 Journal

In Their Own Words: Outside Hitter Liz Maloney's 2005 Journal

Oct. 31, 2005

WASHINGTON - Friday - Oct. 14

This was it. Time to prove ourselves to everyone again. The one thing that I was thinking was "come out swinging". I was determined to swing as hard as possible because Navy needed to know that we were still the team to beat and nothing was going to stop us or get in our way of starting the unbeaten streak again. The first game went point for point and back and forth between us and Navy. Navy took the lead a couple of times but nobody really had a good handle on the game. We ended up winning 30-28 but the last play of the first game really set the tone for the next match. Chelsa slammed a quick ball onto their side for our game-winning point and it was a beautiful hit. The next game we played a lot better. I was handling the ball pretty well and we were working together a lot better. Jen's defense and my defense in the back row picked up a lot and we started to make more blocks. We were up by quite a few points but again we had trouble putting them away at the end. Finally I got the chance to serve again and it was game point. Ace! In the second game there was also a bit of excitement because Logan got taken out by a flying foot while she was covering. I didn't even see it happen but when a timeout was called I looked to the end of the bench and Logan was leaning over with blood pouring out of her nose! It was broken! The third game we came out of the locker room and were all talk but didn't accomplish anything. We said we were going to beat them in three but we came out and didn't get anything done. Navy took the lead right away and by the time we tried to come back and actually play well, Navy had won. We were really angry for the fourth game and I think that that helped us. Maybe we should try to make each other mad before our games so we'll play better. We dominated the net and dug all of their balls and Navy didn't have much of a chance. The final score was 30-16 which was very decisive and felt good. We had the rest of the weekend off to rest and get ready for the next two weekends on the road.

Tuesday - Oct. 18

Today we played UMBC and by the time we actually decided to play defense, we played well. Of course my team played well but I know that I didn't have the greatest game. It's hard to handle yourself when they serve all of the balls at you but I tried to fight off the aces and they may have put me out of my element a bit but the rest of my team fought back and played well. I think that it may have been one of Rubena's best games. Every ball that she hit was a kill and they couldn't stop her. She was fantastic along with Chelsa and Cutrina. Jen and Logan continued to keep the balls in the back under control and it ended up being a good win for us. We ended up finishing them off 30-22, 30-24 and 30-24.