Sal Caccavale's First Journal: Same Spot, Same Result...

Sal Caccavale's First Journal: Same Spot, Same Result...

Aug. 29, 2006

WASHINGTON - Let me start of the season by saying "We'll get our trophy back." Last year Lafayette beat us on OUR field and took OUR trophy. Now, like in 2004, we must go get it and bring it back to where it belongs, here at AU. And like in 2004 we start our season by winning the DC College Cup.

All the hard work we put in during preseason and the hours we spent training and watching the World Cup this summer is finally starting to show and the outcome is what we expected. The games this weekend were good games and I hope entertaining as well. There are NO easy college soccer games. It took 90 minutes of hard work, being mentally switched on, and staying together as a team to get us through the games and come out on top.

Well done on the weekend to Sedlak, Nate, Nigel, and the rest of the back four along with our hard working midfield for their efforts on the weekend. Big time defensive plays and the amount of work that the backs and midfielders do, does not show up in the stat book but without solid play from them, we will not win. Garth, big time service for Turco's goal and your throw in for the assist on Larry's goal. Jucninho is just warming up. Larry, way to finish baby. Just run by them and tuck it away, well done. Guys that came in off the bench were very important to the success on the weekend as Turco scores a great goal and Jason Kuyk and Jake Van Persie and Lucas provided a much needed spark to the matches as well. And remember, there is always a chance when you've got Thierry Henry on your team haha (well I play like him in my dreams sometimes but that's about it). Alright, so I scored 2 decent goals this weekend. Not a bad way to start the campaign.

Thank you to all who came out to watch the games. Your support is greatly appreciated and please continue to come out and support American University Athletics. Good work on the weekend to all. But the weekend is over and now we must train hard this week and prepare for a match with the Blue Devils on Friday night in Durham. More from me next week, hopefully the story will be similar to this weekend's. WE'LL GET OUR TROPHY BACK!!!