Video: Senior Student-Athletes Complete Life Skills Program with Etiquette Dinner

Video: Senior Student-Athletes Complete Life Skills Program with Etiquette Dinner

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The American University Department of Athletics presented its annual Etiquette Dinner this spring for its senior student-athletes as part of its Life Skills Program. The event focuses on business etiquette and proper dining manners, including proper silverware use and appropriate conversation at a business meal. This year’s event, which was held at a Washington-area restaurant, was run by Michelle Pollard Patrick of National Protocol. Watch the video from the event below.

"Our goal in offering this opportunity to our senior student-athletes is to complement the other skill sets they learned and developed while at American University," remarked Associate Director of Athletics Athena Argyropoulos. "It is our way of providing a special evening that will impact their lives moving forward."

American’s four-year Life Skills program is designed to prepare its student-athletes for life after college. It consists of four programs: TALONS (freshmen), financial literacy (sophomores), resume building (juniors) and the aforementioned etiquette dinner (seniors).

The TALONS program (Thinking and Learning Opportunities for New Student-Athletes) coaches student-athletes on the challenges they face as new college students. The series of workshops and speakers focus on time management, balancing class and sports, study skills and stress management.

As sophomores, student-athletes participate in a financial literacy program run by EverFi. It is designed to help student-athletes manage everything from credit card debt, student loans and how to budget their money. Click here to watch a video that showcases AU’s sophomore student-athletes in this program.

In their junior year, the student-athletes participate in resume-building workshops, which help prepare them to acquire internships and jobs. Advisors from American University’s Career Center show student-athletes how to market their unique experiences in athletics to future employers.

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